Le Fuselier Farm Winery at Spring Creek Vineyards 
                            At the foot of the Rockies, 1702 Willow St. at Highway 115, Canon City, Colorado  719-285-5550
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    EVERY SATURDAY, noon to 5,
    through the end of 2017.

    We are closed January, February and
    March, 2018. We will reopen in mid-

We're a family owned vineyard and farm winery with lots of grapes to grow and crush and press.

So we hope you'll forgive us that we open only on Saturdays during April and May and September through December.
Call us at 719-285-5550 to confirm we're open. Then come join the fun. We make about 600 cases of wine a year. We make more than 40 different wines, dry to sweet, mostly from local grapes. Tasting is always free and always fun and you can browse the shop while you're doing it.

Some of our current selections:

'15 Cabernet Sauvignon $15.95
'09 Pinot Noir $15,95
'15 Merlot $15.95
'15 Cabernet Franc $15.95
'09 Barbera $15.95
'15 Chambourcin $14.95
'08 Zinfandel blend $13.95
'16 Riesling and Riesling blends starting at $9.95.

'16 Tawny Port $10.95 a split













































How's that for hype? All kidding aside, Saturday will be our last day this winter. After that we close until mid April. Stop by and we’ll make it worth your while. We’re having our end-of-the-year inventory reduction sale, and virtually every wine in the building will be on sale for one day only.
The following wines will be $2 off: Old World Blend, Cabernet Franc, Dago Red, Sweet Cynthiana, Chambourcin, Reserve Symphony, Tempranillo, Trois Amis (just $9.95), Barbera, Trilogy, and Chardonel.
The following wines will be $1 off: Cabernet Sauvignon, Fun Sisters, Cayuga White, Colorado Rosie, Pinot Blush, Escaped Riesling, Temptation and our luscious Tawny Port.
To add to the fun, we’ll have a table full of clearance wines for just $6.95. No kidding. $6.95.
Come in and stock up for the new year. You can help us with our taxes and we can help you with your wine budget. Karin and I hope to see you all this Saturday, noon to five, at the Le Fuselier Winery, 1702 Willow St. at Highway 115 in Canon City.

A boutique winery, Le Fuselier mass produces nothing. We make small batches of hand-crafted specialty wines, about forty different styles a year. We have twenty-four wines in stock for this holiday season including Sweet Cynthiana, a luscious dessert wine made from the rare Cynthiana grape.

From dry reds like Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir to our sweet Tawny Port, you're certain to find something perfect for the wine lover on your shopping list.

Come join the party noon to 5 p.m. Saturdays, at the Le Fuselier Winery, 1702 Willow St. at Highway 115 in Cañon City.

Modeled after the village wineries in France, we make local wines for local buyers at afforadable prices. Most of our wines range from $9.95 to $15.95.


Cabernet Franc is back

Colorado’s best grape has returned  to the Le Fuselier Winery. Two years of poor harvests put the squeeze on this fine varietal and even at $24 a bottle we sold out our last vintage more than a year ago.

But good harvests the last two years have brightened the outlook for this popular treat and we are delighted to release the first barrel of our 2015 Cab Franc at just $12.95.

Cabernet Franc is an ancient grape. It is believed to be the parent of Cabernet Sauvignon and is very similar, but Franc is milder and less edgy. With its savory bell-pepper flavors, it is a key ingredient in all fine Bordeaux wines. But Cab Franc tends to have less body and is weakly colored in France. And it isn’t much better in California where it rarely stands alone as an unblended wine.

It’s in Colorado that this pre-Roman vine has found its natural home. Our high altitude, hot summers and mild evenings - cooled by the descending mountain air - creates a full bodied, deeply colored wine of extraordinary character. If Colorado ever becomes famous as a wine producing area, Cab Franc will lead the way.

 Our little suburb of Canon City was one of Colorado's best grape producing areas around the turn of the century before prohibition. We are delighted to watch the restoration of this agricultural industry.

Canon City has been growing fine wine grapes for more than 100 years. If you haven't discovered it yet, what better time?

If you would like to be on our email list just send a note to SpringCreekVineyards@hotmail.com.


Le Fuselier Winery is on facebook and if you friend us we'll send you updates regarding harvests, opening dates, wine availablility and prices.


We don't just grow grapes, we try to develop grape growing in Canon City. We believe in building local agricultural infrastructure and a sustainable community. In fact, we have almost 20 small contract growers around the city. We pay over-market prices of 80 cents a pound for these varieties of grapes:

Chardonel, Cayuga White, Traminette, Frontenac, Norton, Riesling, Cab Franc, Noirette, Corot Noir, Foch, Chancellor, de Chanauc, Seyval, Zweigelt and Vignoles.



Fine Hybrids:
  Riesling                      Cayuga White
  Cabernet Franc         Chardonel
  Malbec                       Traminette
Corot Noir
  Norton                         Vignoles



Willow, Canon City, CO 81212


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